For many of us, our perception of breastfeeding is a given.  It comes naturally; it’s what women the world over do. It’s what our bodies are designed for and what could be simpler? Baby is born;  put to the breast; latches on beautifully; plain sailing all the way……

Or is it?

Sometimes,  yes.

But for some not so straightforward.

However, this does not mean all is lost and in the vast majority of cases mums are able to breastfeed in some capacity with support, encouragement and acceptance.

Here are some links to our families’ feeding experiences.

We hope to inspire, comfort and uplift others with these stories

A big thank you for contributing your stories and putting in the time, effort and energy to share.

Very much appreciated, keep them coming!

Early Breastfeeding Challenges including Weaning off Nipple Shields by Christina Rees

My Early Breastfeeding Struggles by Deirde Heffron