We are here to help and support you to feed your baby. 

Mondays 12noon-3pm

Cedars Children’s Centre, Whittlesea Road, Harrow Weald, HA3 6LS

Thursdays 10am-4pm

Kenmore Park Children’s Centre, Warneford Road, Kenton, HA3 9HZ

Book a space to get some support with feeding your baby or have a chat with other mothers. A Health Visitor and Lactation Consultant will be at each group.

To book a space at any of the groups please contact Jules Peris at  j.peris@nhs.net or on 07889 232460.

Everyone is welcome, whether you are breastfeeding, mixed feeding or formula feeding. Pregnant mothers are especially welcome.

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned feeder, it’s always lovely to see you, hear how you’re getting on and discuss what further support we can give.

24/7 services: NHS 111 for all non-emergency queries. 999 for a life threatening emergency.